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Adarsh Solutions objective revolves around QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, COMMITMENT and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Simply stated, Adarsh Strives to offer nothing but the best to its customers.
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Adarsh offers various products for various need of the organization. The following is a brief insight into the products developed by us:

Integrated Project Management System (IPMS):

IPMS aims at building an integrated solution for managing a multifaceted project for project execution company. The emphasis is on work efficiency through comprehensive work schedule that eliminates duplications, idle time improves cycle time, ensures consistent quality throughout the project.

IPMS deals with Project management knowledge areas including the process that needs to be followed in order to manage a project effectively, which are outlined below.

Project scope management
Project Time management
Project Cost Management
Project procurement management
Project Human Resource management
Project status monitoring
Project quality management
Project communication management

Chainage Leveling:

Chainage Leveling is an application, which calculates the amount of earth to be removed or added for a given area, to make it leveled to a given elevation. Here the user first defines the geographical area. Then the elevation along the different points of the ground is input by the user. The area used as construction space is then defined, and then the desired elevation for the construction space is given. For this defined area, the volume of earth to be added or/and removed is calculated and a report is generated.

e-Interman [Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals - IETM]:

e-Interman mainly emphasizes on maintaining the technical manuals electronically in a highly interactive way. The product is based on the class 3 of the IETM standard. IETM overcomes the drawbacks of paper representation.

e-Interman is extensively used in organizations which predominantly uses paper documentation for reference, training, help.


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