Why Adarsh?

Our Objectives

Adarsh's objective revolves around QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, COMMITMENT and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Simply stated, Adarsh Strives to offer nothing but the best to its customers.

Our Commitment

We believe that the best solutions are those that help you meet your business objectives. We offer you a unique combination of our rich business experience coupled with our expertise in cutting edge technology.

Our Values

By focusing on our client's distinctive core competencies, we develop cost-effective software, using the State-of-the-Art Technologies, to cash in on the optimized solutions that we endeavor to deliver.


Adarsh strives to provide globally acceptable quality solutions which delight the customer.


To be the preferred solution provider in the IT industry.

Our Services


Adarsh is headquartered in Bangalore and is complemented by an extensive network...

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Adarsh has a team of professionals who are focused towards achieving excellence in the field of..

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The Content Services are tailored to meet individual customer needs. These include...

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As one of the core activities, Adarsh offers need based solutions to its globally...

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Salil Kumar

Director, EDDC

This is in recognition of the contribution of Adarsh Solutions Pvt .LTD towards the functioning and success of EDDC. We recognize that an organization is always supported by partners who are constantly working for its success. This is in recognition and thanks for that contribution and hopes of taking this partnership to new heights in the future.